New Project- Female Erotica Writers

Hello there, Thank you for looking at my page.

Here is a project that I have been working on over the summer, women who write erotica.

Basically I was intrigue to know what were these ladies like, the people behind the smut if you will. I guess I knew that they wouldn’t necessarily be leather clad, laced up, smoldering vixens but who are these women? Women who write gay cowboy romps, shifter warewolf fantasies and trucker porn.

Here’s a little snippet of a few of the ladies to give you a taster, you can see more of the woman’s portraits by going to the ‘current projects’ page

Please get in contact if you want more information

KD Grace

K D Grace Bio

           I’ve been writing erotica for four years now. At the moment I have two novels out and a trilogy on the way, plus I’ve had a lot of short stories published. I didn’t start out writing erotica, and it was never my plan to write romance either. But I’m a romantic to the core, so it was inevitable, I guess. And since I always enjoyed writing the love scenes and the sex scenes in whatever I was writing at the time, when the erotica market opened up, it seemed like a logical step to take. One day I sent in an erotic short story to Scarlet Magazine, now sadly defunct, and they took it. Then they took another one. Then Black Lace started taking my stories. Not long after that I sold my first novel to Xcite Books.

In the beginning I thought writing erotica would be something I’d just do for awhile then I’d get bored with it and move on. That most definitely hasn’t happened. I started writing erotica for the experience and stayed because it was more of a challenge that I would have ever imagined, and it was so much fun. I’ve never met a more supportive group of people than erotica writers, and I’ve never met a more interesting, more varied, more together group of people than my writing friends. There’s a real sense of community. I guess it’s possible I got lucky, but if that’s the case, then I’m very pleased for it.

When I sold my first erotic romance novel, The Initiation of Ms Holly, to Xcite Books, my editor told me that no one ever wrote erotica to get rich, that people who wrote erotica were making a statement. Though making a statement was never my plan, there’s now no doubt in my mind that the world would be a better place if people were more comfortable with their sexuality. I doubt whether there is any other part of our humanity that has been more twisted, abused and exploited by religion and commercialism than our sexuality, and with erotica and erotic romance, specifically, becoming more and more mainstream all the time, I think there’s a real opportunity for those of us who write erotica to heal some of the damage and to open the doors to a more enlightened, more human view of sex.

I’ve never been embarrassed to tell people what I do, and neither is my husband. In fact, he tells people I use him for research. He’s been my number one fan and supporter from the beginning, and that’s made the whole journey all the more fun. Plus it’s been good to have someone who loves me hold my hand whenever I find myself outside my comfort zone.

I’ve never had any reason to hide what I do. In fact I’ve had some fascinating conversations with people when they find out. I write under a pseudonym because I’m an introvert, a very private person, and I like a bit of separation between the person who lives inside my head and the person who has to get out there and promote and sell books. I would use a pseudonym even if I wrote children’s books. K D Grace is the face for the novels and the stories. The other me is not for public consumption. Her life is private.

I walk my stories. I get most of my inspiration when I’m on long walks. My husband and I just walked the Wainwright Coast to Coast from St Bee’s Head on the Irish Sea to Robin Hood’s Bay on the North Sea. After two weeks and 192 miles, I came home and wrote my brains out. It was really nice to do something that didn’t involve my feet.

I love being outside, and when I’m not walking, I’m working in the veg garden. Every year our back garden has a little less lawn and a little more veg. I love getting my hands in the earth, and I love watching something grow from a tiny seed to produce amazing food for us to eat and share. It’s like writing in a lot of ways — starting from the seed of an idea and growing into a whole other world.

Though the sex part of erotica is fun to write, it’s not the sex I’m obsessed with. I’m obsessed with the story. I’m never more myself than when I’m in the middle of a story, writing fast and furiously, and it’s all unfolding in my head in ways I hadn’t foreseen. There was a time when I had nightmares about running out of things to write, when I feared that after I finished the story I was working on there’d be no more. Now it’s hard to imagine ever even getting the ones lined up in my head all written down. It’s nice to be so self-entertaining, though.


“By the time Stella managed to shut the door, Tino was already shoving at the hem of her dress, his hands moving up to cup her arse cheeks beneath the fabric. His enormous erection was fully visible through his trousers.
‘Tino. Tino! Behave.’ She couldn’t keep the smile out of her voice. ‘At least let me get you out of these clothes before you maul me.’ She joined him on the floor, but instead of sitting quietly while she undressed him as he had for Anne, he sprang. He pulled her into a rough and tumble across the floor of the lounge, biting and nipping and raking his fully clothed cock hard against her every time there was contact.”

from The Pet Shop, KD Grace

Janine Ashbless


I still don’t believe this is real, you know: me, being a writer. Being “Janine Ashbless.” Having my darkest sexual fantasies read by strangers. In my mind’s eye I’m still a shy, introverted, conventional girl with her nose in a book. I’ve been praised to the skies and I’ve been reviled with real vitriol, and both still astonish me.


I started writing erotica because there was no one out there producing what I wanted to read – which was, basically, like Angela Carter only a lot dirtier. I’ve been writing it for over a decade now. I’ve six books in print and three more on the way, and I’m amazed and delighted to find that there still seems to be no end to exploring the strange and filthy niches of my imagination.


I’ve had other jobs in computing, forestry, education. But I was never happy until I started writing.


My proudest moment? Causing the editor of Black Lace Books to wail “It’s got to have a human head!” across a party at London Book Week. Honestly, all I wanted to do was write a Minotaur story. Harmless, surely? 


There are a lot of trees in my books. Trees and deep woods; old wild places where people go to get lost, to be stalked by wolves or to search out a sleeping princess. Most of my writing is inspired by myth and folklore and fairytale. I feel that the themes you find in those stories – fear and courage, maturation and loss, the search for identity or for the sublime, the seizing or giving up of power – are the themes of sexuality too.


‘But  – this is the bit you must never let my father know – Do you promise?  After that I wanted to come again, so this time I stuck that statue up my bottom and I came with the goddess in my arse .’

from The Red Thread, short story in Dark Enchantment

‘I bought your favours when you were younger,’ he whispers, biting my lips. ‘Now you give them to me for nothing.’
‘Inanna!’ I gasp, calling on my goddess to have mercy, to get out of me, to let me hate what this man is doing to me with the hands stained with his own brother’s death; to hate it as I ought to. I can hear the moist noises as his fingers work my wetness, twisting and flexing within me.
‘Yes,’ he says; ‘call her. I want her to see this. I want her to see her whore giving herself up to me. I want her to see you loving this.’

from The House of Dust novella in Magic and Desire
by Janine Ashbless

Jacqualine Applebee

I am one of the few black writers of erotic fiction in the U.K. I write because I never see people like myself in any kind of romantic or erotic book.  I’m black, bisexual, a working-class fat woman with a disability.  I’ve had over forty short stories and ten longer titles published in the last five years. My work has appeared in books including Best Women’s Erotica, Diva lesbian magazine and Penthouse. Ninety-nine percent of my work is published in the U.S.  I’ve had a lot of acceptance and encouragement there, plus now I can convert dollars to pounds without hesitation!

Plenty of people look down upon erotic and romantic writing.  I feel that to be able to write about sex in a positive light is very important.  Sex can be used to hurt, but it can also be used to heal.  I received feedback from a disabled reader who said she cried with relief when she saw someone just like her in one of my stories.  Another reader said that my novella helped her to accept all the parts of herself.  I feel very fortunate that I have been able to share my work with others.  Writing gives me a little money and a lot of pleasure, however all the great feedback is just priceless.


‘I wake up in the middle of the night; my cock is hard, and my mind is racing.  I dig out my old faithful: a gay trucker DVD.  Large muscular men grab arses, pound into sweaty flesh.  The screen is full of sucking, fucking, bad-ass truck drivers.  I haven’t hitchhiked in over fifteen years.  I never met any truckers like those onscreen during my travels, mores’ the pity.  I wank to the sound of digitised groans, and come into a handful of tissues I keep by the sofa.  I finally fall asleep feeling spent and satisfied.’

from the Bisexual Men anthology, Jacqueline Applebee


I didn’t set out to be an erotica writer. It happened totally by accident almost six years ago. My youngest child had just started school, and suddenly I had a little time on my hands.  As is my habit, I took myself to a coffee shop (I’m addicted to those places). I was daydreaming out of the window (another addiction!), and from somewhere (don’t ask me where it came from- I have NO idea), an incredibly naughty story popped into my head.

The urge to write it down took over, and I threw my non-health conscious mars bar flavoured scone (not literally) to one side, and scribbled my story onto the paper napkin that had resided beneath.  By my third cup of coffee, I had also written a very smutty poem.

It took me a while to be brave enough to send my efforts to a couple of possible publishers, but when I did, miraculously, they were taken up. This was more down to timing than talent.  In 2005, when this all began for me, the world of erotica written by women rather than men was just cresting a wave, and I was lucky enough to hit the surf running.

If those early napkin scribbled works hadn’t been taken, I probably would never have had the confidence to write anything kinky again. The poem (Regrets) was accepted by the popular erotica website, and the story (Jen and Tim) was published by the Cleis Press, in their anthology, Lips Like Sugar. Since that time, I’ve had over 70 individual stories published, including my recent e-novel The Perfect Submissive (Xcite), and several solo anthologies, such as The Collector (Austin & Macauley), Yes Ma’am, and Quick Kink One and Two (Xcite).

After my initial publications, even though I was thrilled to have found something I enjoyed doing; I wasn’t sure how people would react to my chosen style of writing. I was wary of being assumed to be a slut. It is sad but true fact that many people can’t separate the art from the subject matter. If I wrote murder mysteries, no one would assume I went round shooting people, but as a porn writer, the number of people that secretly wonder if you hang around on street corners every night is soul destroying!!

Therefore, I largely write in secret. I don’t tell anyone what I do; and take a rather salacious pleasure from sitting in my favourite coffee shop, notebook in hand, writing down words I’d never ever say, about things I’d never do! Everyone just assumes I’m either studying for an exam, writing kids stuff, or simply planning a shopping list!

I have also adopted the pen name, Kay Jaybee; and she has served me well- bless her!

Having a dual identity is a wonderful thing. It is incredibly freeing. There is no doubt that as Kay I am very much braver than as myself. An obvious example of this is the erotic readings I do at the Sh! Women’s Stores in London. No way on earth would I be brave enough to read out the dirty little words I so happily pen every morning. Kay however, loves every second of it. I suspect in fact, that Kay is something of an attention junkie.

As Kay I walk taller, and I am so much braver. I have done things I’d never thought I’d do, and visited places I never thought I’d go to. I’ve recited totally filthy stories out loud to complete strangers. I have my own erotic website (, have supped champagne with the editors of publishing houses and porn magazines, I’ve taken part it glamorous photo shoots, and I’ve discussed sex toys and the benefits of lube while eating pizza at a ridiculously late hour in a crowded restaurant. The real me would never do any of that…


From story called Studio Girl

‘Slipping a hand into mine, he led me to the corner of the room which housed the clothes rack. Leaning towards me he whispered in a throaty voice, ‘Can I tie you up? I am sure you would look fantastic. Will you trust me?’

I nodded, unsure of exactly what he planned, but knowing that right now I would take any attention he was willing to give. I waited, the tension growing within me, as he fetched some artists cord and some rags from the chaos of his desk…’

Quote from my novel The Perfect Submissive (Xcite e-novel, 2011)

‘Do you see what I have here, Miss Sanders?’ Miss Sarah knelt beneath her, staring up into Jess’s dull eyes, holding up a large plastic, clear, hollow dildo. It was thicker than any sex toy Jess had ever seen. Blinking back her disbelief that anyone could accommodate such a tool, Jess’s eyes strayed to the crouched woman’s breasts, half hidden and half exposed by a deliciously tight-laced soft-brown leather basque.

She shouldn’t have looked. The fingers between her legs had increased activity, pushing and pumping at her cunt, while a fingernail flicked relentlessly at her clit. Jess couldn’t help it, and was too exhausted to battle her own feelings. With her eyes fixed on Miss Sarah, and the

possibilities of what she and the two inch thick dildo she was holding might bring, Jess spasmed violently…


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