Alex Day #Musician #youtube sensation# nice guy!

Alex Day #Musician #youtube sensation# nice guy!

I had the good fortune of meeting Alex Day last week to photograph him for a French magazine about ‘British Youtubers’. I met him at his flat, a converted warehouse in East London after he had just come back from shooting his new music video in Cardiff.

He is without doubt the new generation of musician. No record labels, no manager, just someone willing to express themselves with their talent and have fun – and confident with using digital technology to do it. He writes his own music, produces it himself in a studio in Hackney, directs and edits his own videos on his laptop at home. This is what’s so fascinating, it’s a completely hands on approach using everyday technology. It’s DIY, it’s low fi, sometimes it’s using your mates – and it’s driven by a passion to make the music the way he wants to do it.

Alex said he doesn’t see himself as a singer songwriter and cannot foresee a time when he would gig; he calls himself a ‘producer’. He takes the tunes that are playing around in his head; pops into the Hackney studio with an engineer and experiments to orchestrate the final sound. Alex is a success story. He has a new album, ‘Epigrams and Interludes’ which is downloadable from iTunes and has reached no. 4 in the UK single charts with ‘Forever Yours’.

Sure he’s made some money (and good luck to him) but more than this he’s having fun doing it .. and yes he’s a nice guy too .. #annoying 🙂

Alex Day AlexDay_1

Alex Day


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