Many thanks for taking the time to pop over to my blog. I hope that you may find it a little bit interesting and not too self indulgent!

I am a london based freelance photographer.
I take portraits for magazine mainly but love to work on my own projects (which I sometimes exhibit and get published) and like to take everyday images from what I see and what we may sometimes take for granted. I have a passion for martial arts and study wing chun kung fu which is fun.
I love the arts, sport (specially Everton fc), hanging out with friends (mainly in pubs) and family.
I love to travel and experience new places and new people.
This is a blog really to show work that I may not put on my ‘formal’ photography website. Little views of the world, snippets of the everyday and any other thoughts  that I would like to share.


Heres my photography website  www.davidwoolfall.com


I do sell prints of my work so please get in touch should you want to buy something. I also sell some of my incidental and travel imagery with the online gallery, ‘Eyestorm’ which you can see here, http://www.eyestorm.com/Pages/Browse.aspx/Artist/David_Woolfall/79



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